Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio

Mission Statement and Studio Culture

Our mission at Jazz Unlimited is to provide a comprehensively excellent dance and performing arts programme, to share in the joys and challenges of dance and performing arts education in a professionally managed, caring, joyful, positive environment that encourages the healthy and safe development of each studio member as a dancer, teacher, and as a person, regardless of age, talent, or experience.

We believe in the accessibility and value of dance and related arts for all people, where every dancer can experience high quality group and one-on-one teaching of all the elements of dance: coordination and rhythm; technique and grace; musicality and creativity; performance and joy, teamwork and individual expression; with opportunities for experience in examinations, competitions, and performances; and as a result gain more fitness and flexibility, self-confidence and general well-being, good teamwork skills and attitudes, a deep appreciation for music and dance and other related arts, make lasting friendships, and have fun! This is also career preparation. At the same time, we aim to develop the whole person, in a safe and nurturing culture, seeing the goal of emotional well-being and social-emotional maturity as foundational. High self-esteem, perseverance, remaining positive in the face of adversity, kindness, and striving to be a role-model for younger students, are part of that goal.

Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio is one of the premier dance studios in the region, and after 25 years it continues to grow and mature. We have the best studio facilities, the biggest range of top-tier syllabi, outstanding teachers, and an especially caring, inclusive culture. We are proud of our excellent reputation in the wider community. We now have 4 custom-built on-site studios, giving greater opportunities for students to participate in a wider range of dance and performing arts learning.

Our highly trained and experienced staff, and teacher trainees, are committed to professionalism and excellence in our classes, examinations, performances, and general operations. Students are both challenged and encouraged, and given many opportunities to extend themselves beyond the classroom.

We combine quality teaching, which develops dance and artistic excellence, and promotes self-esteem with a positive, healthy approach to life. The studio culture strives for open communication and engagement with students, parents, and stakeholders, emphasising professionalism, caring, honesty, joy, and teamwork. We do our utmost to make parents feel involved and comfortable. Parent support is a necessary part of our family atmosphere, with numerous parents playing a vital role in the studio, and new people being made to feel welcome.