Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio

General Information

Welcome to Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio

We have been operating in Hamilton for over 25 years with very high teaching and dance standards, and a caring, positive, inclusive culture. We are a registered member of the American Jazz Dance Affiliation (Jazz and Tap), the British Ballet Organisation (Classical Ballet), the Dance Education Centre (Contemporary), and the Asia Pacific Dance Association (Urban Ignition Hip Hop). We have 4 brand-new upmarket dance studios complete with sprung floors, full mirrors, commercial air conditioning, ventilation systems, and easy parking!

We teach professionally developed and internationally recognised syllabi in American Jazz and Tap, Classical Ballet, Contemporary, and Urban Ignition Hip Hop. These are all exam-based syllabi. We take students from preschool to adult. There are also non-exam classes in jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop - preschool classes have no exams either. For partner dance, Planet Dance runs a wide range of classes at the same venue (Ballroom/Latin, Salsa, Latin Rock, Argentine Tango, etc - www.planetdance.co.nz).

We have highly qualified, committed and caring teachers, within a culture which is firm but fair, inclusive and positive. Teacher training is done in-house, and this is complemented by syllabus development and training in teaching methods at workshops run by examiners from the professional dance organisations to which we belong.

Classes are course-based, and students enrol and pay by the term (4 terms/year). Private lessons are available, and are often taken in the lead-up to exams.

Students can gain dance and teamwork skills, performance and competition experience, fitness & general health, emotional maturity and integrity, self-esteem, friendships, and highly regarded examination results.

Exams are usually held in August and September, and are available in all our syllabi. They are not compulsory, but we expect and encourage all students to take part. They provide an incentive to do well, and an independent benchmark for evaluating individual students and the studio’s teaching. We are well known for our excellent exam results.

There are performance and competition opportunities during the year, plus an end-of-year Show for all classes, in a professional theatre. It is the studio’s main focus when exams are over.