Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio

General Information

Welcome to Jazz Unlimited Dance Studio. We have been operating in Hamilton for over 25 years with very high teaching and dance standards, and a caring, inclusive culture. We are a member of the American Jazz Dance Affiliation (Jazz and Tap), the British Ballet Organisation (Classical Ballet), the Dance Education Centre (Contemporary), and the Asia Pacific Dance Association (Urban Ignition Hip Hop). We have 4 new, custom-built upmarket dance studios complete with sprung floors, full mirrors, air conditioning and easy parking!

End of Year Show

2017 end-of-year Show: TBA;
Southwell School Performing Arts Centre, 200 Peachgrove Road, Hamilton.


Exams are usually held in August and September, and are available in all our syllabi. They are not compulsory, but are highly recommended. We expect and encourage all students to take part. They provide an incentive to do well, and an independent benchmark for evaluating individual students and the studio’s teaching. We are well known for our excellent exam results.

Mock exams are also held, some weeks prior to the actual exams. These are compulsory for those sitting exams. Details of the dates and times for all exams and mock exams are available at the studio.


Children are required to wear their uniform in class and for exams. Uniforms can be purchased from the studio.


Jazz Unlimited gets involved with many performances over the year such as the Tulip Festival, and the Hamilton Parade.
Performances are a great way for the students to get involved and work on their performance skills!

We also have competition crews for hip hop, and we enter regional and national comnpetitions in the first half of the year. We have auditions for our 2017 crews on Sunday 22 January. Please contact us for details.